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As for the pre-order bonuses, don't expect that in the final version. I'm going to have it in for the basic edition and leave the first DLC and special edition alone. Sorry for the lack of communication about this. Hopefully I'll get the second or DLC out in the future. - Changed: - The magic meter is less forgiving now - Enchanted equipment is affected by this system now The above changes make it so that you'll need to have a high magic score to use magic, which is nice. I noticed that my magic score went down by a few points when using the enchanted equipment, which is good. My final thoughts about this: it's a huge improvement and I'm excited to see how much the game will change over time. I do still have a few things I'd like to change, but at the same time the amount of progress this game has made in only three months is pretty amazing. I'd love to see what the developers can do in a year. I've seen some people ask if they could just wait for a full year and get all the updates. They're totally free to do that and I wish them well, but at the same time this game would be much more polished in a year than it is now. My only caveat for this is that it's not perfect, but the best way I know to describe it is that it doesn't feel like a full release. It feels like a demo or a beta. This is good, but it means that you might be able to find something that hasn't been implemented yet. I did this in the early game when I entered the unicorn side quest, but I didn't encounter anything before I finished the map. Thank you all for your support. I'm planning to do another walkthrough after the upcoming patches come out. Credits - Screenshot is a picture from our game room in D.C. - The map on the top is a screenshot from the early game Super Smash Bros. Mii Ver. Special Edition: Moderator General Manager Ragnarok Studios Check out the update thread for Ni No Kuni 2: Here Ni No Kuni 2: https



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