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Gallery References Category:Trademarks Category:Computer file formats Category:Unlicensed softwareThe Kanto RVFAS system (KOS) as an aid to the managing and documentation of vesicoureteral reflux. A marked reduction in surgical intervention for vesicoureteral reflux appears to be linked to improved results in reoperative paediatric surgery. The efficacy of outpatient management of vesicoureteral reflux has been shown, and the paediatric surgeon can now confidently consider this an alternative to surgery. Management of vesicoureteral reflux is divided into the initial surgical management and long-term medical management. It is assumed that it is the latter that is the key to successful long-term management. The paper covers the initial surgical management of vesicoureteral reflux with an explanation of the series of factors involved in the formation of results in children undergoing vesicoureteral reflux surgery. The role of the paediatric urological nurse in documenting and managing pre-, intra- and postoperative care of children who are undergoing surgery for vesicoureteral reflux is discussed.Q: C#: Define getter of a class with another function? I have one global class that I need to add static getters and setters to. But I need them to access them in another function in the same class, a function call this->MyClass.GetValue(someVariable). Is there a way to define getters and setters in C#? If so, how? A: If you have a property public int Property { get { int value = 4 + 5; //direct access to field //or int value = GetValue(); //direct access to property //or int value = this.GetValue(); //calling getter method return value; } set { //field or property set value } } You may use a direct access if you can define such properties in your class.

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